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Black Nylon 1.5″ Battle Rope 15m

A quality nylon covered 15m manila battle rope that will last for years.

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Battle Rope Training

Ropes have been used for military training for years focusing on core strength and upper body conditioning. They strengthen the core, back shoulders and arms, providing a good upper body workout.

Manila Core

A 1.5″ diameter Manila core prevents decay/breakdown of the fibres, and manila offers better resistance to rotting than sisal.

Nylon Casing

To prevent breakage of rope fibres when in contact with the ground, the outside is surrounded by a Nylon casing.

Heat Shrunk End Caps

Heat shrunk end caps prevent end fraying and are moulded right in to the ropes contours, for superior grip than screws or plastic end caps can offer. The end result is a rope that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, and will keep looking good for years to come.

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Manufacturer: Cyberfit
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