Spring cleaning your exercise habits

As the new summer season rolls around, a clean out of your winter closet might be at the top of your to do list- but why not give your workout routine a spring cleanse too. Don’t have enough time to drive to the gym every day, or you don’t want to sign up to any memberships? We have just what you need.

MyDeal.com.au recently mentioned us in their latest blog, ‘6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips From Our Aussie Experts where we discussed that you should do a spring cleaning for your health too! Here at Fitness Deals we understand you have a busy life, but it’s also important to look after your health, and with summer well on it’s way what better time to start than now.

Need some advice on what equipment is best for you? From cardio to strength we offer a wide range of products.

  1. If you’re a cardio junkie and love going for a long run or cycle, then why not check out our large range of Treadmills, Ellipticals or Exercise bikes. Varying in price and capability for your needs, our products will be sure to get you fit and ready for long days at the beach.
  2. Maintaining your strength is important, if you’re just starting out you might want to keep to the free weight products such as Dumbbells, weight benchesand Boxing gear. There easy to use and store away and best of all won’t take up too much room!
  3. If you’re really wanting to up skill your body strength then we also offer a wide range of heavy duty strength training machines such as functional trainers, Leg press machines, power racks and cages. Offering quality products at affordable prices, you can get fit right from the comfort of your home and never should worry about the hassle of gym memberships or closing times ever again.