Treadmill vs Elliptical: Which is better for me?

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Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

The two most common cardiovascular machines found in gym environments are the treadmill and the elliptical cross trainer, and for good reason. Both workout styles provide the user exactly what they are looking for – extremely easy to use, incredibly efficient, calorie burning workout. People want to get results fast, and the treadmill and elliptical cross trainer are a proven method for achieving those goals.

Both machines are successful because they emulate the bodies natural movement efficiently, through the use of different systems. Therefore each machine has unique benefits and drawbacks. To make the most of your workout, it is important to understand these differences and step onto the machine that suits your requirements best.

So which is the better calorie burning machine, and which is the better machine for your home workout?

Elliptical Benefits

  • Easy to use for beginner or expert
  • Low impact on your joints due to feet never leaving the pedals
  • Endorphin release!
  • Moveable handles to work your upper body and lower body simultaneously
  • Target muscle groups including quads, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and biceps
  • Reverse stride activates different muscle groups
  • Energy optimization; meaning you are burning more calories and exercising harder than you would think!
  • Adjustable stride (mid-high end machines)
  • Can assist with muscle rehabilitation

Elliptical Drawbacks

  • Intensity can be lower than a treadmill
  • Less weight bearing than a treadmill (weight bearing exercises like running helps strengthen bones and muscles important for preventing osteoporosis)
  • Elliptical momentum can assist your workout therefore effecting your calorie burn

Treadmill Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • You can run, walk, or jog
  • Endorphin release!
  • Engages our natural movement
  • Incline feature burns more calories
  • Improves muscle, bone strength, and joint flexibility, and posture
  • Moving your whole body weight burns more calories
  • Well developed and researched and have stood the test of time since the first machine in the 1800s

Treadmill Drawbacks

  • Can apply joint stress for your spine, hips, knee and ankle joints
  • High intensity workouts at speeds can be dangerous
  • Running can be difficult for some people

The Calorie Burn

At the same exertion level, the treadmill is the better at burning those unwanted calories away. However this would be only marginally. On a treadmill your body leaves the ground as it is propelled forward, and this action requires more energy. Ultimately, the amount of calories burnt during a workout is determined by how hard the user is willing to push themselves on the equipment that they are using.

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