Which exercise bike is best for me?

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Choosing your effective low-impact workout

Exercise bikes are a great option for home workouts due to their ease of use and calorie burning capabilities, at a lower price than most other forms of cardio fitness equipment. However as you will see on our website there are many different types of exercise bikes, which presents the question – which type is right for you?

The three key categories of exercise bike include upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and spin bikes. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as key components which are worth considering before buying depending on your needs.

Upright exercise bikes

The upright bike is the most common exercise bike and perfect for individuals looking for flexibility in their workouts. Typically these bikes are the cheapest out of all three categories, and with the ability to either sit or stand while you ride across a variety of resistance levels and workout programs, upright bikes have great workout potential in terms of intensity and versatility. Additionally they are compact and have a smaller footprint than recumbent bikes, which is ideal for those with limited space and makes them a popular choice for the home setting.

Recumbent bikes

One of the recurring complaints individuals have with both upright and spin bikes is their tendency to be uncomfortable, particularly for the elderly or those who suffer from back pain. Recumbent bikes aim to resolve this issue and provide a more comfortable workout experience by replacing the classic bike seat with a chair–like alternative. This converts users from a hunched over position typical of other bikes, especially spin bikes, into an almost reclined position, reducing the pressure placed on your back. Admittedly this is not as effective at burning calories or providing as intense of a workout as upright or spin bikes, however this extra comfort can result in longer and less taxing workouts, as well as leaving your arms free for working with weights or leisure activities such as reading.

Spin bikes and indoor cycles

For individuals looking for a riding experience which most closely matches that of traditional road bikes, a spin bike is for you. Also known as indoor bikes, these machines use a weighted flywheel as the source of resistance as opposed to the magnetic resistance used in most upright and recumbent bikes. Typically the seats on Spin bikes are positioned higher than those found on upright bikes and situate the user in a forward-leaning position, similar to road bikes, and are the most effective at achieving high intensity workouts out of all exercise bike styles. However generally these bikes are less feature packed than upright and recumbent bikes, and often do not include built in workouts, pulse grips and heart rate monitors, or even a console or display unit. When it comes to spin bikes, the value is in the quality of the riding experience, not in the bells and whistles commonly found in other exercise bike alternatives.

Exercise bike brands

Each exercise bike brand offers its own unique design, features, and warranty structure, so it is important to explore what each brand has to offer when considering your purchase and decide whether it will be useful to your workout. For example ProForm and NordicTrack will usually have a good range of built-in workout programs and iFit technology built-into their exercise bike consoles which you may find useful for your workout. If you were looking for a bike with a longer warranty and smooth resistance then a Horizon Fitness upright bike may be your choice. Other brands include York Fitness, Tempo, and Spirit Fitness.

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