Which exercise bike is best for me?

by Fitness Deals Online

Choosing your effective low-impact workout

Exercise bikes are a great option for home workouts due to their ease of use and calorie burning capabilities, at a lower price than most other forms of cardio fitness equipment. However as you will see on our website there are many different types of exercise bikes, which presents the question - which type is right for you?

Which size treadmill motor is best for my home workout?

by Fitness Deals Online

Fitness Deals Online has a huge range of treadmills which vary in motor size so it is important to understand the importance of the treadmill motor to your home workout. Often the treadmill horsepower rating is the most obvious treadmill specification that jumps out at the consumer when they are doing their buying research. It is generally our natural way of thinking that bigger is better, however this is often misleading as there can be several factors when determining whether a treadmill is suitable for your fitness requirements.

Spring cleaning your exercise habits

by Fitness Deals Online

Spring cleaning isn't just for closets

As the new summer season rolls around, a clean out of your winter closet might be at the top of your to do list- but why not give your workout routine a spring cleanse too. Don’t have enough time to drive to the gym every day, or you don’t want to sign up to any memberships? We have just what you need.

Choosing the right treadmill

by Fitness Deals Online

A step towards better health

Ideal for home use, convenient, and very easy to use. These qualities combined with the health benefits associated with using a treadmill machine, are why they have been the most popular exercise machine for years. Treadmill machines are an excellent way to burn calories away, enhance your cardiovascular fitness, build strength and manage your weight.

Treadmill vs Elliptical: Which is better for me?

by Fitness Deals Online

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

The two most common cardiovascular machines found in gym environments are the treadmill and the elliptical cross trainer, and for good reason. Both workout styles provide the user exactly what they are looking for - extremely easy to use, incredibly efficient, calorie burning workout. People want to get results fast, and the treadmill and elliptical cross trainer are a proven method for achieving those goals.


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