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CyberFit C80 Multi Functional Smith Machine Half RackCyberFit C80 Multi Functional Smith Machine Half Rack
CyberFit C80 Multi Functional Smith Machine Half Rack
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Cortex SM-10 Cable & Smith MachineCortex SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine
Cortex SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine
Sale price$849.00 Regular price$1,079.00

Buy Smith Machines Online – Australia

Looking to buy a smith machine in Australia, but every online listing you encounter seems to be way out of your budget? Then consider buying one from Fitness Deals Online, one of the most reputable and trusted fitness equipment retailers in the country where you’ll also find the lowest prices online.

Using a smith machine for your heavier lifts gives you the safety factor of always having a spotter around, without actually having one—making it ideal for home gym setups. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that no weightlifting or strength-building enthusiast should ever go without.

We Offer Heavy-Duty Smith Machines at Affordable Prices

Fitness Deals Online has all the needs of the modern-day fitness enthusiast covered – from trampoline equipment to weight-lifting gear—at very affordable prices. Our product lineup consists only of the highest quality products from top manufacturers. Our smith machines, for example, come direct from trusted and popular brands such as Inspire. This means that when you choose to purchase a smith machine from Fitness Deals Online, you’re not only getting value for your money but quality as well.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Heavy Barbell Lifts Safely

Compound lifting exercises such as barbell squats and barbell bench presses are some of the most effective and efficient strength-building exercises you could ever do. However, these exercises require the presence of a spotter, especially when the lifter is either new to performing these exercises or the weight being lifted is at a level where a failed repetition could be dangerous.

Smith machines help mitigate that danger by limiting the travel path of its bar to a straight vertical line, preventing the bar from tipping forward or back. It also has many safety points along both its rails that the bar can hook onto, should the lifter feel that they are not able to perform the exercise to completion. This prevents any weightlifting accidents that could result in injury.

By performing barbell exercises with a smith machine, you can get the strength-building workout you need without the need for a spotter. However, even with a smith machine, lifters are advised to exert proper care when performing heavy lifts.

Free Smith Machine Delivery Australia-Wide

Order from Fitness Deals Online to get the best deals possible for fitness and strength-building equipment in Australia. Take advantage of our price match guarantee as well as free shipping to any location, nationwide. Your new smith machine is just a few clicks away!