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How do I perform maintenance on my new treadmill?

Please visit our equipment maintenance guide for instructions on general treadmill maintenance including lubrication. It is recommended that you apply the lubrication precedure to your treadmill every 3-6 months depending on usage, to ensure the lo

Which treadmill horse power is best for me?

A treadmill's continuous horsepower (CHP) is the measure of the power of a treadmill during normal and steady operation. Peak horsepower (PHP) will not provide an accurate and true overall measurement. As a general rule, the larger the motor the cool

What are the benefits of using a treadmill?

There are multiple benefits in using a running treadmill; the main benefit being that it is exercise, and a step toward a healthier lifestyle. Running/walking is a huge stress reducer; releasing endorphins into the bloodstream and producing a natura

How does a treadmill work?

Treadmills provide the user with a moving platform in which to walk/run on; this is a running deck and belt powered by an electric motor that moves the belt from the front to the rear.


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