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Focus Pads

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TuffX Ladies Curved Focus Pad

Say Hello to the TuffX Ladies Curved Focus Pads, made with a ...

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GEL PU Curved Focus Pad

Gel Pu Curved Focus Pads are made with a quality leatherette for ...

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Leather Curved Focus Pad Deluxe

The Curved Deluxe Pads are made with full leather gives it a ...

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Pro Leather Focus Pads

The Pro Leather Focus Pads are made with quality leather gives it ...

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Kick/Bump Shield

Straight Kick Shield is created with high density foam padding with handles ...

In Stock
GEL Leather Curved Focus Pad

Gel Curved Leather Focus Pads are made with a quality leather for ...

In Stock
Deluxe Kick Shield

Deluxe Kick Shield Curved Kick […]


Focus pads are flat pads held in the hand, and are used in boxing, kickboxing and martial arts to protect the hand of the user from injury and abrasions. They usually measure 12 inches in diameter and are made from vinyl or dense foam covered in leather. The focus pads are held by the trainer or instructor whilst the boxer aims and punches at them at different positions, ranges and levels. The goal of the exercise is to improve upon the defensive and reflexive skills of the trainee.


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