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Heavy Duty Swing Away Wall Bracket

This heavy-duty Swing Away Wall Bracket requires no assembly. This heavy duty ...

Heavy Duty Fixed Wall Bracket

This heavy-duty one-piece wall bracket requires no assembly. Wall runners specially designed ...

2 Way Standing Station

This 2 Way Standing Station is here to give the ultimate workout, with ...

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Large Bladder

Easily make your old floor to ceiling speedball feel as good as ...

In Stock
Small Bladder

Easily make your old speedball feel as good as new with a ...

In Stock
Deluxe Vinyl Speedball

If you are wanting to improve your reflexes and punching rhythm meet ...

In Stock
Leather Floor‐to‐ceiling ball

The Leather Floor to Ceiling ball comes with complete height adjustable straps ...

In Stock
Leather Floor‐to‐Ceiling Ball

Designed for versatile use to further develop accuracy, hand speed, and timing ...


The speedball is a common boxing training implement. However, it can also be useful for gym-goers of all fitness levels by providing an aerobic endurance workout that is easy to do.


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