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Air Bikes

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In Stock 22%
Lifespan EXER-90H Exercise Air Bike

Burn calories fast on the Lifespan EXER-90H Exercise Air Bike. With ...

$1349   $1049
In Stock - Free Delivery 12%
Pure Design AB10 Air Bike

Welcome to Pure Design Fitness! The Pure Design Fitness AB10 boasts of ...

$1699   $1499
Out of Stock 11%
Airforce 300 Pro Air Bike

The Airforce 300 Pro Air Bike features infinite levels of air resistance delivered ...

$1899   $1699
In Stock - Free Delivery 33%
Horizon Air Bike

The ultimate piece of cardio equipment for all fitness levels. A conditioning ...

$1499   $999
In Stock 28%
Lifespan EXC-10H Commercial Air Bike

Experience the power of exponential air resistance on the EXC-10H Commerical ...

$1599   $1149

As far as conditioning, an air bike is the perfect tool for interval training like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Unlike other types of exercise bikes with fixed handles, an air bike has handles that move with your peddling action, so you get a full upper body workout as you work your legs.


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