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ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer

Burn calories super fast with short burst workout sessions and transform your ...

$2499   $1499
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York C410 Exercise Bike

Award winner for Choice Australia! Adjustable and easy to use with up ...

In Stock - Free Delivery 39%
NordicTrack S30 Treadmill

Superb performance and innovative technology make theNordicTrack Sport 30 Treadmill the perfect solution ...

$2799   $1699
Lifespan APEX Treadmill

Assembly Required - This product come partially assembled in a box with ...

$1549   $1349
In Stock
Rubber Gym Flooring Tile

Easy to install non-slip quality rubber floor tiles for your commercial space, ...

In Stock - Free Delivery
Pure Design UB4 Exercise Bike

A reliable fitness equipment for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, the Pure ...

In Stock - Free Delivery 7%
Horizon Paros Pro Exercise Bike

Providing the reliable comfort you want, the Paros Pro offers a fully ...

$699   $649
In Stock - Free Delivery 12%
Horizon Andes 3 Elliptical

Two-step folding and 11 diverse programs make this convenient at-home fitness solution a ...

$1699   $1499
In Stock - Free Delivery 5%
Horizon T202 Treadmill

The Horizon T202 offers a powerful performance with amazing technology. A Simple ...

$1899   $1799
Lifespan HyperJump 3 14ft Springless Trampoline

The sky’s the limit for outdoor play on the HyperJump 3 Springless ...

$899   $579
In Stock - Free Delivery 40%
Proform Power 595i Treadmill

The ProForm® Power 595i Treadmill is designed for regular, high-intensity running. It's ...

$2499   $1499
In Stock - Free Delivery 21%
Pure PR10 Rower

You can work your whole body with the PR10 Rower. A smooth, ...

$1899   $1499
UFC Shaker Pro 40 Supplement Shaker x 4

4 x Shaker Pro 40 UFC Edition - Shaker Pro Supplement Shaker The Shaker ...

$59.99   $19.99
In Stock - Free Delivery
Horizon EX59 Elliptical

The Horizon EX59 Elliptical is one of the best-selling and most-awarded ellipticals ...

Out of stock 16%
Horizon Andes 7i Elliptical

With an induction brake that provides precise, instantaneous resistance changes and expansive ...

$2499   $2099
Lifespan HyperJump 3 10ft Springless Trampoline

Our HyperJump Plus trampolines are a great mix of safety and fun ...

$589   $429
In Stock - Free Delivery
Pure Design PR4 Rower

A reliable machine for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, the Pure Design ...

Free Shipping 38%
Horizon Omega-Z Treadmill

The Omega combines clean design and essential programming for a simple, smart ...

$2399   $1499
In Stock
5kg Hex Rubber Coated Dumbbells (Pair)

Premium Quality Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells. Commercial Grade Dumbbells. Sold in Pairs. ...

Inspire M1 Multi Gym

Freedom of movement! The ultimate cable gym, very compact and offers a ...

$3199   $2799
In Stock - Free Delivery 13%
Pure Design SB4 Spin Bike

With an 18kg 2-way flywheel and a chain driven design to provide ...

$799   $699
In Stock - Free Delivery 22%
Horizon T101 Treadmill

A favourite for a reason, the Horizon T101 gives you the best ...

$1799   $1399
In Stock - Free Delivery 11%
Horizon GR7 Spin Bike

New to the Horizon family, the GR Series is set to change ...

$1799   $1599
In Stock - Free Delivery 18%
Tempo U1050 Manual Bike

The compact Tempo U1050 bike offers a smooth and comfortable workout. Stationary ...

$549   $449
Ultramax X305 Smith/Functional Trainer/Half Rack

Free Adjustable Bench Included. Engineered with commercial-grade, sealed bearings pulleys and high ...

$3999   $3899
In Stock

Orbit Fitness's entry level Workout Bench. The OBBKW01 bench is an affordable, ...

In Stock
Power Band Medium

Body Concept Super Bands -  41" Resistance Training Bands Medium Resistance Training Band. ...

In Stock 21%
Airforce 300 Pro Air Bike

The Airforce 300 Pro Air Bike features infinite levels of air resistance delivered ...

$1899   $1499
In Stock - Free Delivery 13%
Horizon 7.0AT Treadmill

The Horizon T7.0 Treadmill is unmatched in performance with unexpected technology. A ...

$2399   $2099
In stock

The Orbit OBBFID2M Adaptable Weight Bench suits all fitness levels and ...

In Stock
York 9200 Expandable Bench

The York Fitness 9200 Expandable Barbell Bench is a great way to step ...

In Stock - Free Delivery
Theragun Pro – Black/Blue

The most powerful commercial-grade percussive therapy device with the features pros know ...

In Stock
Adjustable Squat Rack

Adjustable Squat Rack 10 Adjustment Holes (Tallest is approx. 150cm; Smallest is approx. 50...

In Stock - Free Delivery 15%
Tempo T86 Treadmill

Sporting a sleek, attractive design, the Tempo T86 are ideal for apartments ...

$1299   $1099
15kg Olympic Rubber Coated Weight Plate (Pair)

Olympic Rubber Coated Weight Plate Rubber Coated Weight Plates with  Olympic 2″ (50mm) ...

In Stock
6kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

New Look Premium Powder Coated Kettlebells are excellent quality. Manufactured from one ...

In Stock
Power Band Strong

Body Concept Super Bands -  41" Resistance Training Bands Strong Resistance Training Band. ...

In Stock
23.5kg Pump Bar Set

This 23.5kg Aerobic Pump Set is designed to be used in a ...

Free Shipping 17%
Pro-Form 405SPX Spin Bike

Proform 405 SPX Spin Bike. Upright Frame with Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel Construction. Get ...

$899   $749
Vision U60 Upright Exercise Bike

The Vision Fitness U60 Upright Exercise Bike is best suited to light ...

$2699   $2399
In Stock - Free Delivery 12%
Pure Design AB10 Air Bike

Welcome to Pure Design Fitness! The Pure Design Fitness AB10 boasts of ...

$1699   $1499
In stock - free Delivery
NOHrD Eau-Me Board Walnut

Exercise on the Eau Me balance board will train your coordination and ...

In Stock 28%

Perform multiple exercises on the ALPHA Series Full Rack. For the beginner ...

$2499   $1800
In Stock 11%
Body Solid Powercenter Combo Bench Press

The GDIB46L Body Solid PowerCenter Combo Bench is a six-position flat/...

$899   $799
In Stock - Free Shipping 6%
MAX1 Functional Training Home Gym

Bring the health club experience home with the ultimate functional gym for ...

$1699   $1599
In Stock - Free Shipping
30kg Weighted Training Vest (Mens)

30kg Weight Vest Mens. The Weight Training Vest is a great training ...


BEARTRAP PRO The complete Beartrap package, trigger point, roll out and release ...

Lifespan Infinity Leap 2-Level Trampoline

TP Infinity Leap Trampoline is the world's first 2 level trampoline, with two ...

$1999   $1599
Free Shipping 15%
Body Solid Functional Training Centre

Free Body Solid Incline Decline Bench Included. A dedicated resistance that will ...

$3895   $3295
In Stock
Plum 7ft Junior Jumper Trampoline – Pink

Specifically designed with little bouncers in mind, Plum’s Junior Jumper Trampoline ...

In Stock
Plum 12ft Space Zone Spring Safe Trampoline

The Plum 12ft Space Zone Trampoline is a great way to encourage ...

In Stock
Plum 10ft Space Zone Spring Trampoline 

The Plum 10ft Space Zone Trampoline is a great way to encourage ...

In Stock
Plum 8ft Space Zone Spring Safe Trampoline

The Plum 8ft Space Zone Trampoline is a great way to encourage ...

In Stock - Free Delivery 4%
Pure Design PR9 Plus Rowing Machine

Pure Design's PR9 Plus gives a renowned aerobic workout that is easy ...

$1349   $1299
In Stock - Free Delivery 10%
Pure Design PR5 Rower

Easily strengthen different muscle groups and carry out a full-body workout at ...

$999   $899
In stock - Free Delivery
NOHrD Swing Tower Ash – Set: 2, 4, 6, 8 kg

Using the Nohrd Swing Tower Club for our swinging movements should be ...

Out of stock
NOHrD SlimBeam Oak

The NOHrD SlimBeam cuts a fine figure in home fitness, as well, ...

In Stock - Free Shipping

SQUAT RACK – ADJUSTABLE The Orbit OBB611M Squat Rack is an Adjustable, ...

In Stock - Free Delivery

Elegantly designed, lightweight, and fully personalised for your body’s needs. Thanks ...

In Stock - Free Shipping
10kg Weighted Training Vest (Womens)

10kg Weight Vest Womens. The Weight Training Vest is a great training ...



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