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Play Centres

All-in-One Play Centres
Open a world of adventure and imaginative play in your backyard with one of our feature packed swing and slide Play Centres.

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Backyard Discovery Oakmont Play Centre

The Tucson outdoor wooden playset has a covered upper wooden deck that ...

$999   $949
Out of Stock Save 23%
Backyard Discovery Somerset Play Centre

Get the party started with the Somerset Play Centre. The swing set ...

$1299   $999
Out of Stock Save 12%
BYD Scenic Heights Cubby House with Slide

Every kid's cubby is their castle, and there's plenty to love about ...

$1368   $1199
In Stock Save 25%
Backyard Discovery Monticello Play Centre

Kids will launch all their backyard fun from the Monticello Play Centre. ...

$1799   $1349
Out of Stock Save 21%
Lifespan BYD Discovery Tanglewood Play Centre

The Backyard Discovery Tanglewood Play Centre has all the features needed for ...

$1899   $1499
Out of Stock
Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge Play Centre

Bring adventure to the backyard with the Prairie Ridge Play Centre. Soar ...

Out of Stock Save 10%
Lifespan BYD Hillcrest Play Centre

A Great Quality Swingset for the Little Ones A raised balcony is ...

$2399   $2149

Build the ultimate play space for the kids with our outdoor cubby houses!

There are so many great reasons for building your kids a cubby house. The learning outcomes are immense and allow them to connect to the space and environment outside. Plus, it lets their imagination run wild and it can become more than just a house – a school, a rocket, a fire station!

It also gives the kids the opportunity to take a break from technology and get them outdoors and away from the television. A cubby house can also be enjoyed with other children and help teach them social skills – to communicate, share, empathise, and have fun together!


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