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Outdoor Swingsets

Swing Sets / Play Centres
Find the perfect swing set or play centre for your backyard. Your kids will have so much fun getting active outdoors playing on their very own playset.

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In Stock
Plum Tamarin Wooden Swing Set

The Plum® Tamarin Wooden Swing Set will inspire hours of outdoor fun ...

In Stock 4%
Lifespan Amber 3 Double Swing Set

SAVE $420! Double swings for twice the fun! The Lifespan Amber 2 Double Swing ...

$519   $499
In Stock
Plum Toddler Tower Wooden Climbing Frame

For pioneering pre-schoolers, The Plum® Toddlers Tower is the perfect introduction to ...

In stock
Plum Colobus Wooden Swing Set

The Plum Play® Colobus Wooden Swing Set is our most popular way ...

In Stock 24%
Hurley2 Metal Swingset

Entertain the rabble on the Hurley Metal Swing Set, with fun for ...

$249   $189
Out of Stock 29%
Lynx Station Swing Set

Get your little high flyers ready for the big top circus with ...

$489   $349
In Stock
Plum Premium Metal Double Swing & Glider With Mist

Hook up the Plum Metal Mist range to your hosepipe and add ...

In Stock
Plum 3-in-1 Wooden Growing Swing Set

Plum’s Wooden Growing Swing grows with your little ones for a ...

In Stock
Plum Wooden Single Swing Set

See who can swing to the sky! The Plum Play® Wooden Single ...

In Stock 14%
Winston 4-Station Timber Swing Set with Slide

Little thrill seekers can defy gravity on the Winston 4 Station Swing Set. ...

$699   $599
In Stock
Plum Premium Metal Nest Swing with Mist

Hook up the Plum Play® Metal Mist range to your hosepipe and ...

In Stock
Plum Lookout Tower Wooden Climbing Frame with Swings

The Plum Play® Wooden Look Out Tower inspires valiant voyages and mighty ...

In Stock
Plum Meerkat Wooden Swing Set

Swinging, gliding, climbing, or hiding? The Plum Play® Meerkat Wooden Swing Set ...

In Stock
Plum 5 Unit Metal Swing With Slide

Swing to the stars on Plum®’s brand new swing set combination! ...

In Stock
Plum Gibbon Wooden Garden Swing Set

The Plum Play® Gibbon Swing is the ideal set for aspiring acrobats ...

In Stock
Plum Marmoset Wooden Swing Set

If you have more than one little one, then we’ve got ...

In stock
Plum Wooden Double Swing Set

Hold on tight! The classic Plum Play® Wooden Double Swing Set is ...

Out of Stock
3-in-1 Growing Baby Swing Seat with Lime Hangers

The sturdy swing easily converts from baby to toddler to child stage. ...

Out of stock

The Plums Nest Swing has a 1 metre diameter, Plum's Green Nest Swing ...

Out of stock
Plum Nest Swing with Teal Hangers

The Nest Swing has a 1 metre diameter, Plum's blue Nest Swing Seat ...

In Stock 28%
Cooper Climb & Slide (Green Slide)

Excitement awaits your little adventurers on the Cooper Climb and Slide. Imaginations ...

$879   $629
Out of stock 24%
Oakley Swing Set with 1.2m Spidey Web Swing

Take off with the wind at your back and nothing but blue ...

$499   $379


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