The rowing machine is the ultimate calorie burning machine,
and if used properly is able to provide the best all body
workout of any cardio machine.

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York R605 Rower

Conveniently foldable with whisper quiet magnetic resistance. The York R605 Rower is ...

$1199   $599
FREE Shipping Save 14%
Lifespan 605 Rower

Foldable and easy to use with 16 levels of magnetic resistance for an ...

$809   $699.00
FREE Shipping Save 18%
York R600 Rower

A simple and easy to use rower for the user on the ...

$1099   $899.00
FREE Shipping Save 21%
York R610 Rower

SAVE $309! With a long durable rail that folds away for storage, the ...

$1499   $1190.00

YORK LC Series Rower offers a wide range of versatile features and ...

FREE Shipping Save 20%
Matrix 2 Commercial Rower

The finest rowing experience out of water, the Matrix 2 Rower is beautifully ...

$2499   $1999.00
Sold out returning soon
Spirit CRW800 Rower

Commerical rower with resistance controls built into the handle, and 11 built-in workout ...


Buy Rowers Online Australia

The rowing machine also called an ergometer or just “erg,” is a calorie-burning machine that can exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time, while preventing strain on your joints. It’s considered as a cardio machine, but when used properly, a rower can provide a good full-body workout. Buy a rower machine from Fitness Deals Online, and start your fitness journey today.

Cheap Rowing Machines, Great Results

It doesn’t matter if you’re a home buddy who likes to exercise at home or if you’re a gym owner who wants to expand their equipment selection—Fitness Deals Online has a wide range of rowing machines that you can buy online. You can choose from various types of rowers, including air resistance, magnetic resistance, water rowers, and even hybrid rowing machines.

Fitness Deals Online offers both the lowest price promise and money back guarantee. That’s how confident we are that the rowing machines from our suppliers like First Degree, Spirit, and York, are built to last.

Buy Rowing Machines and Burn Calories Faster

Did you know that you can burn up to 15 percent more calories when you use a rowing machine than when you use a stationary bicycle? That’s because rowers involve several muscles groups during your workout, including your quads, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, back and arms.

Using a rowing machine correctly also allows you to build endurance. Another way that a rower helps with your training is that it improves cardiovascular fitness, an important component when your goal is to burn calories and lose weight.

Free Rowing Machine Delivery Australia Wide

Have you decided to buy a rowing machine already? Just place your order through our online shopping platform, and we’ll deliver your purchase at no extra charge, anywhere in Australia. Fitness Deals Online guarantees that you’ll get quality fitness equipment for the lowest prices.


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