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York Boxing Package

Everything you need for a boxing home workout, delivered to your door. ...

$749   $449
Gold’s Gym XRS 55 SYSTEMS

Get a gym-quality workout in your own home with the Golds Gym ...

Lifespan SS2 Single Station Gym

Loaded with features and at an excellent price, the Lifespan SS2 Single ...

$849   $529.00
LC2 Power Rack

SAVE $404! The toughest power rack under $1000 is the LC2 Power Rack. Rated ...

$999   $595.00
HD1 Heavy Duty Squat Rack

Affordable, compact heavy duty squat rack that takes up minimal space, this ...

$999   $740
FREE Shipping Save 20%
York Body Builder Home Gym

SAVE $200! An affordable, compact and easy to use home gym for your ...

$999   $799
FREE Shipping Save 8%
York Enforcer Home Gym

Featuring a heavy 70kg weight stack and rep counter, the York Enforcer ...

$1299   $1199.00
Leg Press Hack Squat

A no-nonsense commercial leg press designed to hold up to 400kg. Strengthen ...

$1699   $1295.00
Horizon HG2000 Home Gym

Featuring a Heavy 91kg Weight Stack, Durable Heavy Duty Design & High ...

$1699   $1299
FREE Shipping Save 17%
York 300LP Leg Press Gym

A built-on leg press for a full body workout with the York 300...

$1799   $1499.00
FREE Shipping Save 18%
Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer

Smooth and compact with dual weight stacks, this is the no.1 selling ...

$4249   $3495

Buy Strength Equipment Online Australia

Carrying a big bag of groceries? Push-starting a car? Moving and lifting some furniture? You can do all of these with ease if you’re physically strong. To achieve a satisfactory level of muscle power, however, you shouldn’t neglect to include strength training in your workouts. With Fitness Deals Online, you can find a wide range of strength equipment to help you attain your fitness goals.


Affordable Strength Equipment for Quality Training

Fitness Deals Online offers a wide range of strength equipment, from free weights, barbells, and kettlebells to multi-gyms, squat racks, and leg press machines. Among the products we carry are from the world’s leading strength equipment brands like Inspire, Spirit, and York.


Whether you’re looking for basic and cheap strength equipment to start off your training, or you’re on the hunt for the best multi-gym for advanced workouts, Fitness Deals Online is the place to buy your gear. What’s more, our strength equipment is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We also offer assembly services through our network of partner technicians. This way, you’ll be able to use your strength equipment immediately after delivery.


Buy Strength Equipment and Improve Your Body Inside and Out

Strength training is one of the best ways to burn fat and improve your anaerobic endurance. Another benefit of strength training is that it increases your metabolism by speeding up your resting metabolic rate or RMR. This is the energy that your body spends to maintain healthy muscles. Increased bone density, stronger heart muscles, lower blood pressure, and improved blood circulation are just a few of the other rewards you can reap from strength training. Just remember to buy the right strength equipment and use them properly so you can achieve your fitness goals safely!


Free Strength Equipment Delivery Aus-Wide

Fitness Deals Online offers free strength equipment delivery to locations in Australia. Choose from a wide array of strength equipment from our online shopping platform, and we’ll make sure that it gets shipped right on your doorstep without any additional charges. As one of the most trusted online fitness retailers in the country, you can count on us to provide top-quality strength equipment at affordable prices!


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