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Power Racks and Squat Racks

A power rack, cage or squat rack provide support for
a user looking to train safely with heavy weight.

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In Stock 11%
Ultramax X305 Smith/Functional Trainer/Half Rack

Engineered with commercial-grade, sealed bearings pulleys and high tensile, 910kg rates cables, ...

$4495   $3999
Powermax X304 Smith/Functional Trainer/Half Rack

Engineered with commercial-grade, sealed bearings pulleys and high tensile, 910kg rated cables, ...

Out of Stock
Adjustable Squat Rack

Perfect for Squats, Deadlifts, Bent Over Row, Flat Bench, Incline/Decline, Ab ...

In Stock 25%
Lifespan PR-2 HALF RACK

Round out your home gym setup with the Cortex PR-2 Half Rack. ...

$669   $499
In Stock 29%
Lifespan PR-3 Power Rack

Our PR-3 Full Rack offers incredible versatility with barbell exercises and a ...

$799   $569
Out of Stock 25%
Johnson Squat Cage and bench

This combination unit not only looks sleek and professional but includes a ...

$799   $599
In Stock - Free Delivery 22%
Johnson Squat Cage with Lat Station

This sturdy yet compact Rack consists of a free weight lat pull ...

$899   $699
Out of Stock 29%
H0076 Power Cage

H0076 Power Cage The frame is thick with even smooth powder coating ...

$699   $499
Out of Stock
Body Solid Multi Press Station

The GPR370 is a firm and sturdy four footed frame built from ...

In Stock 18%
York Delta Utility Half Rack

The York Fitness Delta Utility Half Rack is a heavy duty versatile, ...

$734   $599
In Stock 32%
Cortex SM-20 6-in-1 Power Rack with Smith & Cable Machine

Gear up for the ultimate strength workout on the SM-20 Multi Rack, ...

$1899   $1299
In Stock 21%
Cortex PT-1 Power Tower

Get ultimate workout versatility with the Cortex PT1 Power Tower. Gain access ...

$379   $299
Out of stock 33%
Body-Solid Powerline Squat Rack

Solid and stable, this Squat Rack holds the bar safe and secure ...

$299   $199
Out of Stock 14%
Alpha Series ARK05 Commercial Half Rack

The ALPHA Series ARK05 Commercial Half Power Rack has been engineered for ...

$809   $699
Out of Stock 38%
Body Solid Powerline Power Rack

Complete exercises such as squats, incline, decline, flat as chin ups and ...

$799   $499
In Stock 13%
Squat Rack – Adjustable

The Orbit OBB611M Squat Rack is an Adjustable, Heavy Duty Rack ...

$399   $349
In Stock 29%
Cortex SR3 Squat Rack

Push your limits with the SR-3 Squat Rack. Quality materials and construction, ...

$409   $289
In Stock 30%
Cortex SR-1 Squat Rack

Support big lifts in your home gym with the Cortex SR1 Squat ...

$299   $209
In Stock 20%
LSG Power Rack 300

Engineered to endure a large max weight of up to 180kg, the ...

$499   $399
In Stock 31%
Body Solid Steel Flex Power Rack

KEY FEATURES Integrated chin up bar (200kg rating) full length safety bars ...

$1199   $829
In Stock 22%
Cortex PTX-100 Power Tower

Designed as a compact body weight station, the 4-way PTX-100 power tower ...

$639   $499
In Stock - Free Delivery 8%
Healthstream Ultimate Smith Machine (Commercial Grade)

The Healthstream Smith Machine is a Commercial Smith Machine.  It is angled ...

$3999   $3699

Buy Online – Australia

If you’re looking to purchase an affordable but reliable power rack or squat rack in Australia, consider buying from trusted gym equipment retailer Fitness Deals Online. They help you perform some of the best strength-building exercises in the weightlifting world, namely compound barbell lifts. They work out multiple muscle groups and joints with every repetition, making them not only great for building your strength but also achieving this goal in a very time-efficient manner.


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