Power Racks and Squat Racks

A power rack, cage or squat rack provide support for
a user looking to train safely with heavy weight.

HD Utility Pins

Pair of utility pins for HD racks, great for creating your own ...

Sold out returning February Save 16%
Dips Station For HD Series

The heavy duty Dips Station For HD Series suits the HD1, HD2 ...

$149   $125.00
Heavy Duty Utility Bench

Heavy Duty Utility Bench suitable for HD Series racks and adjustable 5 positions ...

$399   $349.00
LC2 Power Rack

SAVE $404! The toughest power rack under $1000 is the LC2 Power Rack. Rated ...

$999   $595.00
Sold out returning soon Save 26%
HD1 Heavy Duty Squat Rack

Affordable, compact heavy duty squat rack that takes up minimal space, this ...

$999   $740
LOW stock Save 34%
HD2 Heavy Duty Half Rack

SAVE $504! Rated to hold up to 400kg, this squat rack is suitable ...

$1499   $995
LOW stock Save 35%
Power Rack Package 100kg

SAVE $554! The complete package for free weight training that features a premium ...

$1599   $1045.00
LOW stock Save 32%
Power Rack Package 140kg

SAVE $550! The complete package for free weight training that features a premium ...

$1699   $1149.00

Buy Power Racks and Squat Racks Online – Australia

If you’re looking to purchase an affordable but reliable power rack or squat rack in Australia, consider buying from trusted gym equipment retailer Fitness Deals Online. Power racks and squat racks help you perform some of the best strength-building exercises in the weightlifting world, namely compound barbell lifts. They’re called such because they work out multiple muscle groups and joints with every repetition, making them not only great for building your strength but also achieving this goal in a very time-efficient manner.


We Offer Budget-Friendly Heavy Duty Power Racks and Squat Racks

Fitness Deals Online offers a wide range of fitness and bodybuilding gear, including power racks and squat racks—all at very affordable prices. Our varied lineup of cheap power racks and squat racks include products from popular, heavy-duty brands such as the HD Series as well as LC2, each with its own unique styling to suit the look of your home gym. We also sell accessories related to power racks and squat racks, such as dip stations and utility pins. Whatever you need, Fitness Deals Online has it for you at prices lower than anywhere else.


Build Strength and Power with Power Racks and Squat Racks

Building strength through compound barbell lifts not only requires heavyweight but also heavy-duty equipment to ensure your safety. Power racks and squat racks are built for that express purpose. Each of the power racks and squat racks available through Fitness Deals Online are built to withstand weights of up to 400 kilograms, which means even the most ambitious weightlifter will have trouble trying to deliberately make them fail. We recommend staying within that limit, however, just to be completely safe during your workout.


We Provide Free Power Racks and Squat Racks Delivery within Australia

Whether you’re looking for a set of power racks or squat racks for your home gym or you want to buy them for your commercial fitness centre, you can depend on Fitness Deals Online to give you the best and most affordable deals possible. Take your pick from our wide and diverse range of strength-building equipment from top brands, and we’ll ship your orders to any location in Australia!



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