Trampolines are a great reason to get outdoors with the kids and
have some fun, and have an amazing array of health benefits.

Lifespan Trampoline Swish Basketball Ring

Designed for Lifespan Hyperjump trampolines, ball and pump included!

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Lifespan HyperJump 2 8ft Springless Trampoline

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Lifespan HyperJump 2 10ft Springless Trampoline

Our HyperJump Plus trampolines are a great mix of safety and fun ...

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Lifespan HyperJump 2 12ft Springless Trampoline

Our HyperJump Plus trampolines are a great mix of safety and fun ...

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Lifespan HyperJump 2 14ft Springless Trampoline

Our HyperJump Plus trampolines are a great mix of safety and fun ...

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Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline M

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Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline L

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Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline XL

The worlds strongest and safest trampoline revolutionary in every way the Vuly ...


Buy Trampolines Online – Australia

If you are thinking of getting a fitness equipment that is both fun and easy to use, why not consider buying a trampoline from Fitness Deals Online? Trampoline bouncing is a great low-impact exercise that can help you improve your muscle strength while also allowing you to burn calories more effectively. It’s a fantastic equipment that you can place out in your yard—something to encourage you and your family to spend some time outdoors every day!


A Variety of Cheap Trampolines to Choose From

Fitness Deals Online offers a great range of quality fitness products, including trampolines of different sizes. We are your one-stop-shop for trampolines from top-quality brands like Vuly Trampolines and Lifespan Trampolines. Whether you have a spacious lawn or a backyard that is a little bit more conservatively sized, we have the right equipment for you. You can also choose from a variety of trampoline accessories that you can use with your chosen equipment. These include trampoline ladders, anchors, and misters, as well as skate decks and basketball sets, which you can incorporate into your workout regimen.


Enjoy the Many Benefits of Trampoline Bouncing

Trampolining is an intense form of workout that is surprisingly gentle on the muscles and bones. Because much of the shock is absorbed by the equipment, the impact on your lower extremities and torso is reduced significantly. Trampoline exercises are particularly effective for improving cardiovascular health by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body, increasing heart strength, and lowering blood cholesterol levels. Even better, trampoline workouts also help improve coordination, agility, and sense of balance, which makes it a great cross training exercise for athletes wanting to improve these components of fitness.


We Offer Free Trampoline Delivery Aus-Wide

When it comes to trampolines, you can trust on Fitness Deals Online to offer the best products in Australia. Whether you’re planning to use the trampoline in a home, school, or a commercial fitness centre setting, you’re sure to find an equipment that fits your needs. And with our price match guarantee and free Australia-wide shipping, you’ll be saving even more. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!




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