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The complete Beartrap package, trigger point, roll out and release your muscles with Beartrap Therapy.


2x Lock Cords (Stored inside handles)
2x Rocket Rollers
2x Trigger Cones
2x Trigger Balls
1x Stopper
1x Attachment Holder
1x Exercise Poster

Muscle-recovery made easy
The Beartrap is more than just a self-treatment tool, it’s the freedom to train harder, recover faster and feel better. Through Muscle Compression Therapy we have adapted age-old physiotherapy techniques into an easy to use tool that can be used at work, on the go or during a workout.

Tailored to You
With 12 mounting points and limitless combinations, the Beartrap can be customized to your specific needs and made to fit any body shape or area. The Attachments Pack enables you to utilize the full potential of the Beartrap and the exercises you can use with it.

Flexible Design
Made with a high-quality and durable nylon, the Beartrap can flex and bend to match the body’s natural curves.

With the dual lock-off system, you can treat your muscles without having to do a thing! Add up to 10x the pressure with dual cables that allow a more hardcore, deeper treatment. Or a single lock-off cable for a soft and consistent muscle compression.

Roll Out Your Muscles
Our Rocket Rollers attach to the Beartrap for rolling out and treating larger areas of muscle. Perfect for tight and sore muscles in your neck, thigh, calf or arm.

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