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Multi Functional Smith Machine Half Rack

The most compact multi-station Smith machine that has all of the functions you need. Includes Free Weight Smith Machine, Free Weight Half Rack, Cable Row, and full functional trainer in a truly space-efficient footprint that’s only 1.7m deep including the spotter bars.

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Get the full package with the C80 Functional Smith Machine Half Rack. Training options include over 50 unique exercises using the cross Over Cable System, power rack and smith machine functions.

Olympic Barbell Smith Machine

The Smith Machine features smooth and easy barbell movement with a safe and secure locking mechanism and safety catches.

Functional Trainer

The C80 Functional Smith Machine allows free movement in any direction or plane while performing a massive range of weight resistance exercises.

Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

The C80 Functional Trainer features 3 hand grip options for pull ups, with rubber hand grips for a comfortable, secure grip.

Weight Stack Security

Olympic plate holders on either side of a sturdy weight stack making the machine versatile to use the same plates on the weight stack as on the smith machine. Providing safe and comfortable free-weight and cable workouts.

Strength Work Out Chart

Fitted with an easy to read and follow chart with different exercises for versatile and powerful workouts.

Storage Features

The C80 Multi Functional Smith machine features six Olympic weight plate storage bars with, 5 position adjustable D handles.

Dip Station

Height adjustable,  dip station handles to build shoulders, chest and triceps with 2 different grip widths.

Heavy Duty Construction

Super, precision manufacturing with heavy gauge steel construction, quality, reinforced welds and finished with premium powder coated matte black finish.

Training options include

  • Smith machine for Olympic plates with safety catch hooks & height-adjustable safety stops
  • Half rack with height-adjustable J hooks and spotter bars
  • 2x height-adjustable functional trainer stations with 2x single handles included
  • Seated cable row station with footplates
  • Removable height-adjustable dips station
  • Leg pad for lat pulldowns on the functional trainer station included
  • Core trainer landmine to suit Standard and Olympic barbells with V bar handle included
  • Pullup bar with angled wide grips
  • Max training load: 200kg
  • Ultra-smooth dual guide rod plate loading carriage to suit Olympic plates
  • 6x plate storage pins to suit Olympic plates
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 170cm x 196cm x 220cm
  • Powder coated matte black finish

Attachments (All included)

Build a powerful, well defined core with the comfortable, easy to use Ab crunch attachment. The PowerMAX also comes with a lat pull down bar and a straight double ended bar to use in conjunction with the pulleys and weight stacks for core and strength training.

  • 2 x Dip Station Handles
  • 2 x Olympic Weight Plate Clamp Locks
  • Cable Seated row station with footplates
  • 2 x Adjustable D Handle attachments
  • 2 x Safety Catches
  • 2 x J-Hooks
  • Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

Additional add-ons:

  • Lat Pull down bar
  • Spring clips
  • Chin triangle V bar
  • Cable curl bar
  • Tricep Rope attachment
  • Tricep Push Down bar
  • Gym Rings
  • Solid Straight bar
  • Suspension Trainer TRX
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