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Flat Incline Decline Bench

Orbit Fitness’s entry level Workout Bench. The OBBKW01 bench is an affordable, GREAT value bench and is capable of catering for beginner to intermediate trainers. With 4 different positions to use (incline, decline, flat and straight seated) there is a huge amount of exercises you can perform using this bench. It also has a unique feature allowing it to be folded so that it can be stored and/or put out of the way.

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An Excellent, Fully Adjustable and the Most Versatile, Flat to Incline Bench

Build and tone your biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and more with this entry level flat to incline weight bench.
For those looking for a bench that is value for money this is the ideal weight bench

Versatile Small Footprint

Suitable for home fitness, this bench uses a very minimal about of room as it is very compact and can easily stored under your bed for storage. Both the support legs can be easily folded down to enable the bench to be flattened for easy storage.

Pre Assembled

There is no need for any tools at all with our basic Orbit bench, it comes pre-assembled in the box, all you need to do is pull it out and start you training, simple as that.

4 Position Incline / Decline

Whilst still having a small footprint the Basic Orbit bench still has a wide range of exercises which can be preformed on its adjustable back,
It has a 90 degree, incline, Decline and flat positions which make exercises such as flyes, curls, and rows plus may more possibilities.
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