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Cortex SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine

Push harder to your limits and train safer with our multi-functional SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine. Smith Machine comes fitted with linear bearings for smooth and easy movement, as well as essential attachments included to get you started.

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Our versatile design allows you to complete a full body workout with just one machine. With over 35 exercises, the versatile SM-10 provides you with an intense training session. Get a full body workout, targeting key muscle groups with upper and lower body exercises. Alternate the upper cable attachment for different cable machine workouts. Add weights to increase the intensity during your training sessions.

  1. Chin up / Pull up Bar
  2. Lat Pulldown Bar / Top Pulley
  3. Adjustable Dip Handles
  4. Smith Machine
  5. Weight Storage
  6. Cable Curl Bar / Bottom Pulley

The Smith Machine

Push yourself to the limits knowing that you’ll have multiple safety measures to keep your workout consistent and safe. Fitted with guide rails to keep the bar vertical and linear bearings for smooth movement, as well as multiple hooking points, the SM-10 allows you to max out your training load without needing a spotter.

Built to Last

Using high quality steel, our SM-10 station uses a solid, commercial inspired frame that will endure the toughest workouts.

Heavy Duty Cables

Rated to 2000lb of tension strength

*Weights not included


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