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Ultramax X305 Smith/Functional Trainer/Half Rack

Engineered with commercial-grade, sealed bearings pulleys and high tensile, 910kg rates cables, the UltraMAX X305 Smith/Functional Trainer/ Half Rack features combine 120kg (2 x 60kg) weight stacks for complete and versatile strength training. The perfect ‘at home’ machine for all fitness levels.

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Engineered with commercial grade, sealed bearings pulleys and high tensile, 910kg rated cables, the UltraMAX X305 Smith / Functional Trainer / Half Rack features combined 120kg (2 x 60kg) weight stacks for complete and versatile strength training. The perfect ‘at home’ machine for all fitness levels.

Linear Bearing Solid Steel Olympic Barbell Smith Machine

Equipped with diamond cut, machined knurling on bar for for a firm grip and 12 catch positions for versatility, the Smith Machine features ultra smooth, silky barbell travel with a safe and secure locking mechanism and safety catches. Smith barbell rated to 400kg and is counter weighted by the weight stack. The Olympic bar on the Smith Machine also comes with two blue weight plate clamp locks.

Dual Pulley Functional Trainer

Engineered with dual fibreglass reinforced nylon pulleys, the UltraMAX functional trainer allows you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing a massive range of weight resistance exercises. These unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves. The quick and easy to use, hand adjustable, high/low pulley system offers 16 height positions for all your functional movement exercises.

2 x 60kg Steel Precision Machined Weight Stacks

Two 60kg weight stacks (120kg total) with 4.5kg increments provide perfect resistance in every workout with fast, easy to use, pop pin adjustments. The weight plates are precision machined steel to ensure super smooth movement on guide rods.

Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

The UltraMAX features 5 hand grip options for every type of pull up, with rubber hand grips for a comfortable, secure grip. Also fitted with a ring mount for resistance band assisted pull ups, that is ideal to use for TRX suspension training.

Safe and Secure Free Weight Squat Rack

Stainless steel extruded frame half rack with 16 etched adjustments, two J-hooks and safety catches mean you can set up perfect squats. These features make powerful free weight and barbell (sold separately) workouts safe and comfortable .

Torsonator Attachments

The X305 features a torsonator rotational core trainer attachment with a barbell row attachment for bent over barbell rows and torsonator twists, further adds to the versatility of this all in one strength training behemoth. Torsonator and barbell storage for both olympic and standard barbells. Barbells and weights sold separately.

Included Attachments

Build a powerful, well defined core with the comfortable, easy to use Ab crunch attachment. The UltraMAX also comes with a lat pull down bar and a straight double ended bar to use in conjunction with the pulleys and weight stacks for core and strength training

Ultra Features

The UltraMAX features six olympic weight plate storage bars with spring clips, 5 position adjustable D handles, chains, carabiners and convenient storage hooks.

Multi Grip Dip Station

Height adjustable, foam coated dip station handles to build shoulders, chest and triceps with 2 different grip widths.

Heavy Duty Construction

Super, precision manufacturing with heavy gauge steel construction, quality, reinforced welds and finished with premium powder coating, anti-rust protection. Secured with high tensile bolts with nylon lock nuts for maximum strength and anti-slip rubber feet.

Attachments (All included)

  • Lat Pull Down Bar
  • 2 x Dip Station Handles
  • 2 x Olympic Weight Plate Clamp Locks
  • Torsonator
  • Barbell Row for Torsonator
  • Double Ended Long Bar
  • Ab Crunch
  • Adjustable D Handles
  • 3 x 30cm Chains
  • 2 x Carabiners
  • 6 x Spring Clips
  • 2 x Safety Catches
  • 2 x J-Hooks
  • Suspension Hook
  • Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

Optional Extras – Enquiry with us

Console Features

Performance Features

Extra Features


Parts:2 year


Box Dimensions: 220 x 87 x 34 cm
Box Weight:250
Product Dimensions: H 223cm x D 144cm x W 203cm
Product Weight:
Weight Stack: 120kg
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aaron Gregory
Amazing Machine

Amazing service from start to finish, initial email consultation to see if the Smith Machine I was buying would be suitable and was given professional and accurate advice, once I made the purchase it was delivered super quick (ordered Friday delivered Monday) machine was intimidating to look at when it got delivered in parts but instructions where easy to follow and the end result is an amazing machine that, I'm sure, will garnish great results for me and my wife.

Ultramax X305 Smith/Functional Trainer/Half Rack

Firstly the service I got from the team at Fitness Deals Online was amazing - easy to talk to, fast to respond and nothing was an issue
The X305 is an amazing gym - can do everything you would ever need on it - just be prepared to spend about 6-8 hours putting it together, but that would be the same with any gym of this size. But so happy with the purchase and love training on it.


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