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Transform your small actions into huge milestones with the iFit Vue fitness tracker. Track your daily steps, distance, calories, sleep and movement at the touch of a finger.


Bright OLED Display with Touchscreen Technology

With a bright OLED display and touchscreen technology with flashing lights and pushy buttons, you can quickly view your stats for steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep at the touch of a finger.

SmartMove Technology

SmartMove technology not only detects your specific movement patterns but also knows when you switch activities. Like if you’re running versus cycling or swimming versus sleeping. This means you’ll get accurate data and feedback that’s meaningful to you.

Real-Time Reminders

The Vue will send you quick and friendly messages, reminding you when to move or if you need to hydrate. You’ll feel a gentle vibration and with a quick glance at your wrist, you’ll be motivated to stay on track.

Automatic Mode Change

Adjust the settings so the iFit Vue automatically switches from active to sleep mode.

Heart Rate Compatible

Monitor your heart rate on your wrist continuously; the Vue is compatible with any BLE chest strap.

iFit App Compatible

The Vue works seamlessly with the iFit app, creating an experience that makes health and fitness fun. All of your stats and data sync immediately, so you’re able to constantly track your progress. Log nutrition, set goals, and get details.

Water Resistant Design

You can wear your new Vue anywhere you like with a water-resistant design.

Stretch Wristband

A stretchy wristband makes for a comfortable fit!

Sync with iFit Profile

All of your activity and stats wirelessly upload to the app and your profile on iFit.com

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