NOHrD Multi-Adapter For WallBars
NOHrD Multi-Adapter For WallBars
NOHrD Multi-Adapter For WallBars

NOHrD Multi-Adapter For WallBars

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Multi Adapter for Nohrd gives the users a larger array of arm and back workouts. Made with high-grade steel and wood to ensure the safety of users and give them the confidence to not hold back while performing their rigorous workout regimen.


The MultiAdapter is an ideal accessory, developed from a simple, basic idea and providing a whole range of new exercises. Hook into any rung for use the handlebars for triceps dips or turn over for the horizontal bar to fold out. Both options will let you add specific exercises to complete your workout.

  • Dimensions: approx. 71cm x 51cm x 33cm (W x D x H)
  • weight: approx. 12 kg
  • made of metal and wood
  • can be hung into a rung of your choice

High-Quality Workmanship

The MultiAdapter is made of high-quality wood and solid metal, ensuring quality and precision workmanship.

Guaranteed Stability

Stronghold and guaranteed stability. The natural wood grain provides a comfortable, safe grip.

Sleek Design

Sophisticated, eye-catching design – this combination of wood and metal will fit any interior environment.

Range of Use

More than just an attractive design: Exercise on the MultiAdapter for a whole range of further, specific exercises targeting all muscle groups.

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