NOHrD WallBars – 14 Bars
NOHrD WallBars – 14 Bars
NOHrD WallBars – 14 Bars
NOHrD WallBars – 14 Bars
NOHrD WallBars – 14 Bars

NOHrD WallBars – 14 Bars

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Use the WallBars’ sturdy foldout bar for pull-ups, simple hanging or swinging your body. The bar piece is easy to open and engages with a distinct click.

Material:Natural Ash

WallBars – A true classic

NOHrD WallBars’ unparalleled feature: the foldout function.

The MultiAdapter is a single piece accessory with two functions.


The MultiAdapter is an ideal accessory, developed from a simple, basic idea and providing a whole range of new exercises. Hook into any rung for use the handlebars for triceps dips or turn over for the horizontal bar to fold out. Both options will let you add specific exercises to complete your workout.

• dimensions: approx. 28’’ x 20’’ x 13’’ (W x D x H)
• weight: approx. 12 kg
• made of metal and wood
• can be hung into rung of your choice

High-Quality Workmanship

The MultiAdapter is made of high-quality wood and solid metal, ensuring quality and precision workmanship.

Guaranteed Stability

Strong hold and guaranteed stability. The natural wood grain provides a comfortable, safe grip.

Sleek Design

Sophisticated, eye-catching design – this combination of wood and metal will fit any interior environment.

Range of Use

More than just an attractive design: Exercise on the MultiAdapter for a whole range of further, specific exercises targeting all muscle groups.

Simply hang into the rung of your choice.

Workout Bench

The WallBars bench is a workout bench and back support in one. By hanging the bench into various rungs, you will expand your exercise routine. Simply store this sleek accessory directly onto the WallBars, post workout.

• dimensions: approx. 54’’ x 13’’ (L x W)
• made of black stained wood and genuine leather
• can be hung at varying heights


Not only a useful workout accessory – the WallBars bench can be hung directly into the rungs for easy storage.

Quality & Design

Solid wood and hard-wearing leather: the workout bench is a perfect combination of these two materials.

Precision Handcraft

Each workout bench is made with precision handwork and tested for durability – true custom work with the label „Made in Germany“.

Genuine Leather

Handworked natural leather from Germany provides each workout bench with a special character; the WallBars is can be freely combined with each leather!

A Classic Piece of Wooden Fitness Equipment

Classic wallbars are made of wood while some manufacturers use metal. Exercise wall units are standard equipment in fitness studios, physiotherapy practices and gyms, but are now also becoming increasingly popular in private homes. NOHrD’s wooden fitness equipment is especially suited to blend into the home interior and meet all aesthetic and functional demands.

Holds up to 120 kg / 265 lbs.

NOHrD WallBars are sturdy pieces of exercise equipment, made of high-quality wood. The rungs are made to enable a comfortable grip and the entire unit will sustain a maximum weight of up to 120kg / 265 lbs without any problem.

Number of Rungs

The amount of rungs (bars) per wallbars unit will vary. NOHrD WallBars models come in 10 or 14 rungs. In general, we suggest the 14-rung WallBars, as the higher number of rungs provides more angles to hold on to (or fasten optional equipment to) and therefore an overall higher range of possible exercises.


• Frame: Lifetime
• Labour: 1 year
• Motor: Lifetime
• Parts: 2 year

• Max. weight: 120 kg / 265 lb
• Rungs: 10 / 14
• Space between rungs (10): approx. 17 cm / 7’’
• Space between rungs (14): approx. 10 cm / 4’’
• Distance to wall: approx. 5 cm – 7 cm / 2’’ – 3″

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