Nordictrack Percussion Massage Gun
Nordictrack Percussion Massage Gun
Nordictrack Percussion Massage Gun
Nordictrack Percussion Massage Gun
Nordictrack Percussion Massage Gun

Nordictrack Percussion Massage Gun

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Percussion Therapy Transforms Muscle Recovery. The Nordictrack Percussion Massage has 3 massage speed settings, interchangeable massage heads, a rechargeable battery, and blue light therapy technology making it one of the best massage guns in the market today.

The Power of Percussion

Percussion therapy is proven to break up lactic acid, improve circulation, increase range of motion, and diminish muscle soreness more effectively. Experience the difference with the Percussion Massager.

Best of Both Worlds

The NordicTrack Percussion Massager fuses two different kinds of muscle therapy: massage and vibration. Using these approaches together, this massager loosens muscles for an impactful warm-up and reduces post-workout muscle soreness.

Tailored For You

Three attachments target different muscle group recovery: a standard ball for large muscle groups, a flat head for small groups, and a pinpoint attachment for advanced, deeper tissue therapy.

Relax & Recover

With three speed settings and a rechargeable battery, your percussion massager is always ready to give you the relief you need after a hard workout. A calming blue light emanates for a relaxing, spa-like massage experience.

What’s Included

  • Soft Grip Ergonomic Handle
  • Power Button with 3 Speed Settings
  • Calming Blue Light
  • Ball Head for Large Muscle Group Therapy
  • Flat Head for Small Muscle Group Therapy
  • Pointed Head for Deep Tissue, Localized Therapy
  • Convenient Charging Base
  • Built-In 1.5 Hour Battery

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