Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer
Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer

Proform CardioHIIT L6 Trainer

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The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer is a unique hybrid that combines the benefits of a stepper and elliptical. Capable of 22 digitally controlled resistance levels and is iFit Coach enabled.

*30-day FREE iFit subscription included


Discover Trainer-Led Workouts From All Around the World

Engage in a whole new fitness experience as certified personal trainers take your exercise all around the world. ProForm® equipment, like the HIIT L6 Trainer, gives you full access to an expansive collection of worldwide workouts that will get you moving and sweating on and off your machine.

*Requires membership. Sold separately.

Burn More Calories in Less Time With HIIT

Step up to new heights on the Proform HIIT L6 Trainer. Combining the movement of climbing stairs with the intensity of boxing, each workout helps you activate more muscles throughout your whole body while burning more calories.

What is HIIT?

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a training technique that involves repetitively giving 100% effort for a set amount of time followed by short recovery periods. You’ll get and keep your heart rate up, burning more calories and building strength throughout your workout.

Activate More Muscles. Burn More Calories.

Combining a 10-inch vertical elliptical stepping path with powerful, upper-body punching actions, the Proform HIIT Trainer simulates stair climbing and boxing, allowing you to activate your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, biceps, and triceps—all in a single movement.

Unique 10” Vertical Path

Unlike other stepper machines, the Proform HIIT Trainer is designed for your feet to travel on a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal elliptical path. This motion puts you on track to burning more calories and building more strength.

Smooth Moving

Put your joints at ease while in the middle of a challenging workout. With the Proform HIIT Trainer, your feet never leave the pedals, giving you a zero-impact experience to help reduce stress on your joints and back.

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance

Forget noisy air resistance trainers. The Proform HIIT Trainer brings SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance to your training. It’s quiet, smooth, and durable so you can focus on your workout—without disturbing your home.

High-Contrast Multi Colour Display

Use the built-in 6″ backlit display to swipe through your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Large, easy-to-press buttons make it simple to change your resistance level in an instant. Control your workout effortlessly by managing your audio, fan, workout programs, and much more.

Keep Your Floor Space Yours

One of the biggest concerns people have about in-home fitness equipment is the amount of space it takes up. The Proform HIIT Trainer resolves those concerns. The compact footprint takes up half the space of a normal elliptical exercise machine, leaving you with room to roam.


• Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
• Built-in Workout Fan: CoolAire Workout Fan
• Built-in Workout Programs: 22
• Console Display: 6” High-Contrast Display
• Grip Heart Rate Sensors: Yes
• iFit Capability: Enabled
• Resistance Levels: 22
• Tablet Holder: Console Lip

• Drive System: Front Driven
• Stride Length: 10” Vertical, 5” Horizontal

• Water Bottle Holder: Yes

• Box Dimensions: 128 x 82 x 45cm
• Box Weight: 100kg
• Flywheel: 14kg Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel
• Product Dimensions: L 170cm x W 76cm x H 169cm
• Product Weight: 92kg
• User Weight Capacity: 147kg

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