Pure Design PR4 Rower
Pure Design PR4 Rower
Pure Design PR4 Rower
Pure Design PR4 Rower
Pure Design PR4 Rower

Pure Design PR4 Rower

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A reliable machine for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, the Pure Design PR4 Rowing Machine features 16 Level programmable tension control, foldable design, and smooth performance. Including the blue backlight LCD display.


Row for the burn – Workout You’ve Been Waiting For

Pure Design’s PR4 Rower enables a renowned aerobic workout that is easy on the joints. It easily strengthens different muscle groups and carries out a full-body workout at home with its strong steel frame with a heavy-duty aluminium monorail.


Blue backlight LCD display displaying SPM, Time, 500m, Cal, Strokes, Pulse. Also featuring multiple workout programs – Manual+P1-P12+3H.R.C+T.H.R.+Race Mode + User + Recovery

Peaceful Paddling

This machine was made to keep the peace in your home. With 16 Level programmable tension control through Magnetic Resistance, your workout is quiet and smooth, so you won’t disturb anyone else around you. Consistent resistance throughout the complete stroke, large footplates to suit all users. Ergonomic seat with extra padding. Maintenance: Minimal maintenance, keep the unit clean, no oiling required

Get into shape

Along with providing a great cardio workout, rowing with the right form targets up to 14 areas of your body with every full stroke.

Lift and Fold

PR4 was designed and engineered with your living space in mind. Utilizes an easy-fold system so no need to kneel down. The time-saving and fitness benefits of a rower in your home are incredible, thankfully, the PR4 was built with a unique SpaceSaver® Design that allows it to simply fold up for a much smaller footprint.

Move with Ease

One of the best parts about having your own power in your home is that you can put it anywhere you’d like. Feel like rearranging your home gym? Want to put it somewhere else? The PR4 makes it easy to roll around the room with 4 wheels for easy transportation. Just lift up the back end and place your machine in the perfect spot.


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