York Body Builder Home Gym

York Body Builder Home Gym

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An affordable, compact and easy-to-use home gym for your home workout. Build strength fast with the York Body Builder Home Gym featuring ab crunch!


The Benefits

With a great range of fundamental exercises, the home gym or multi gym is a safe and cost-effective solution to an all-body workout for any user.

Considered an easier alternative to free weights, multigyms require less balance and coordination and carry a lower risk for injury. While working with free weights it’s easier to split your body workouts apart, a multi-gym offers a diverse full-body workout from one machine.

50kg Vinyl Weight Stack with Bull Horns for Extra Weight

The York Body Builder Home Gym features a 50kg vinyl weight stack for smooth and quiet use. Bull horns expander attachment allows for an additional 40kg of weight for users looking to grow and up the ante in their strength training.

Full-sized Frame with Durable Square Powdercoat Tube Design

Suitable for most users, a full-sized durable frame supports your workout for years to come.

Comfortable Padded Upholstery

Put yourself in the best position for your workout with a comfortable adjustable seat. Padded seat upholstery allows for extra comfort while you work out.

Chest Press/Pec Dec Station with Ab Crunch

Build upper body strength fast. The chest press and pec arms mean you can perform each exercise without leaving your seat.

Lat Pull Down/Tricep Push Down/High Pulley

Fine-tune your lats, tris and back at this station. The lat bar allows for a wide variety of hand positions and can be stored in the built-in storage rack when not in use.

4-Roll Leg Developer

Don’t forget the lower half of your body. Build and develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors with this 4-roll leg developer.

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